Human resources department

Our human resources department in Juneau, AK

My name is Liesel Weiland and I am the Human Resources Director for CHC. I have been with CHC since 2006 where I was hired as the ILS assistant. I took the PCA class and provided direct care to our clients, as well as taking on the role of a team leader. I moved into care coordination in 2008 where I was able to learn and provide a different aspect of care for our clients. In 2010, I became the human resources director and now play a different role in ensuring our clients receive the high quality care that we strive for at CHC.
It is important to me to maintain a high standard of care for our clients and ensure that our caregivers receive the training and achieve success in the vital roles that they play in our agency. Our team at CHC is a great one and I welcome anyone who is interested in joining our agency to contact me regarding any open positions.

Together we make it happen.
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